QUEBEC 2015 - Corn

Weigh Wagon and Company Generated Yield Data

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Ferme Cyl-grain Inc
Ferme Cyl-grain Inc-1, St-Basile le grand, La Vallée-du-Richelieu
2900 CHU, Heavy, October 20 2015
BrandMaturityVarietyTraitsMoisture PercentagePercent LodgingYield (Bu./acre)
Legend SeedsLR 9487 VT2PRIBB R O19.90.01944.4
Legend Seeds2800LR 9090 DC5222EZREF020.40.02557.0
Legend Seeds2800LR 9391 VT2PRIBB R O20.60.02423.7
Legend Seeds2800LR 9492 VT2PRIBB R O23.60.02698.5
Legend Seeds2825LR 9994 VT2PRIBB R O20.10.03011.9
Legend Seeds2850LR 9495 VT2PRIBB R O24.60.02881.7
Dow Seeds28504402 R2R23.80.02722.8
Legend Seeds2875LR 9496 GENSSRIBW B D R L O29.00.02732.2
Legend Seeds2900LR 9497 GENSSRIBW B D R L O29.60.02552.4
Legend Seeds3100LR 9203 GENSSRIBW B D R L O37.00.02185.2
Legend Seeds3150LR 9405 GENSSRIBW B D R L O32.50.02093.9