QUEBEC 2016 - Corn

Weigh Wagon and Company Generated Yield Data

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John Brown
John Brown-1, Howick,
2950 CHU, Heavy, October 20 2016
BrandMaturityVarietyTraitsMoisture PercentagePercent LodgingYield (Bu./acre)
Dow Seeds26258201RAW B D R L O23.9100.0167.9
Dow Seeds26508211RAW B D R L O22.4100.0169.7
Dow Seeds27258202RAW B D R L O24.1100.0181.2
Dow Seeds28258315RAW B D R L O24.7100.0187.8
Dow Seeds28508380RA026.8100.0183.1
Dow Seeds2950DS97B47RAW B R L27.5100.0187.9
Dow Seeds29504425B R L26.4100.0207.9
Legend Seeds2820LS 5695 ConvConventional27.0100.0165.3
Legend Seeds2800LS 5690 ConvConventional23.775.0172.7
Legend Seeds2800LS 5690 ConvConventional23.0100.0177.6