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New Ontario Neonic Regs – What You Need to Know
Nov 18, 2015
The government of Ontario aims to reduce the numbe

The government of Ontario aims toreduce the number of acres planted with neonicotinoid-treated corn and soybeanseed by 80 per cent by 2017. The intent is to ensure that neonicotinoid-treatedcorn and soybean seeds are used only when there is a demonstrated pest problem.To that end, new regulations on the sale and use of seed treated withneonicotinoids, or neonics, (now referred to as a Class 12 Pesticide) wereintroduced July 1, 2015, and are being phased in over time.

As yourseed solutions provider, PROSeeds and its representatives are available to youfor advice and support during the transition and throughout the phasedimplementation of these regulations.

Here’s asummary of what you need to know:

From August 31, 2015 to August 30, 2016:

  • Dealers who wish to sell or transfer corn or soybean seed treated with neonics need a new vendor’s license.
  • Growers are allowed to plant up to 50% of their acreage, by commodity, with neonic-treated seed.
  • To do so, growers must complete a Seed Amount Declaration stating that they are not buying or using more than what is required to plant 50% of this area.
  • Separate declarations are required for corn and for soybean.
  • A Seed Amount Declaration is valid only for seed intended to be planted in the 2016 growing season.
  • To plant more than 50% of land with neonic-treated soybean or corn, growers must conduct and submit a Pest Assessment Report demonstrating that there is a pest problem. During this initial period, any farmer can do soil pest scouting, perform a pest assessment and prepare a report.

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